AccountEdge Pro - get up and running in no time

AccountEdge helps your growing business! You know you need to do your accounting, and you want to do it right. AccountEdge’s double-entry system means your accountant will be happy when it’s time to go over your file. AccountEdge’s command centers help you run and report on all aspects of your business: sales and invoicing, purchases and orders, inventory, time billing, etc.


AccountEdge is a complete business accounting and management solution for your business, with everything you need to make sales and purchases, track and build inventory, bill for time, and manage contacts.

Why choose AccountEdge Pro

- Award Winning Products and Services.    

- Affordable Solutions. 

- Powerful and Reliable - used by 700,000 businesses world wide. 

- Advanced Integrated Modules. 

- Serial Number, Warranty, Commission Tracking.

AccountEdge Pro Features & benefits:

Lead Tracking

You can create and track leads. Convert leads to customers and track their status as well as the source of the lead. New reports show how long it took to convert leads and more.

Serialized Inventory

Resellers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and other item-based businesses can track serial numbers from purchase through sale, and beyond with warranty tracking.

Commission Tracking

Choose a fixed percentage or amount as a commission, or create a custom rate per item or per activity. Assign commission rates by salesperson and choose whether to pay commissions based on sale date or payment.

Track mileage

Add vehicles to the Vehicle list and define your local Mileage Rates. Enter Mileage Slips including dates, job, starting and ending odometer readings and let AccountEdge calculate the Mileage Expense. Track your company mileage with vehicle and employee mileage logs.

Product Variations

Create product variations (sizes and colors, etc.,) for an item, and then create values for each variation, giving you the ability to track and sell your items with much greater detail and precision.

Access your accounts over a network

  • - You can run AccountEdge Pro on a standard Windows peer-to-peer network/terminal server/cloud server.   
  • - Track who enters transactions or makes changes to your company file.   
  • - Set up password-protected user profiles  to control what your users see, access and report on.  

Premier gives multiple people access to business information at the same time. This multi-user capability saves your accounts personnel from being interrupted with requests for information about inventory, sales, accounts, creditors etc.  

Handle foreign currency transactions and accounts

  • - Convert amounts into foreign currencies or your local currency using the Currency Calculator.      
  • - Print reports in foreign currencies. 
  • - Assign a default currency to each customer and supplier. 
  • - Record transactions in foreign currencies and keep track of realised and unrealised exchange rate gains and losses. 
  • - Track bank accounts held in foreign currencies and view your accounts receivable and accounts payable in Sri Lanka Rupee as well as in the foreign currency. 

Print cheques and receipts

  • - Print cheques using any standard printer. 
  • - Print receipts for your customer payments. 

Analyse your business in greater detail

  • - Print reports required by your accountant - Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, General Ledger Detail and Statement of Cash Flows.
  • - Control and review the performance of your business cost centres (your departments, divisions, offices and stores) and produce financial statements and other reports.
  • - Print job profit and loss statements. 
  • - Send reports to Microsoft Excel from AccountEdge Pro .
  • - Send reports to your accountant by email or fax. 
  • - Gain insight into your business with over 200 reports and charts using information from across your business. 
  • - Filter or customise these reports to show information the way you want it. Drill down from your reports to review the transactions the reports are based on and learn more about your business.. 

Keep track of goods that you buy and sell

  • - Enter item codes up to 30 characters and descriptions up to 255 characters.   
  • - Record item information in three custom fields.   
  • - Use graphics to help employees recognise stock at a glance.   
  • - Track the average cost and last cost of each item.   
  • - Print price lists, packing slips and labels.   
  • - Import items from other systems.
  • - Perform inventory stock takes and audits.   
  • - Report on seven years of item history  - five previous years, the current year and next year.   
  • - Much more  

Automatically adjusts your inventory as you buy and sell items. You always know what's in stock!

  • - Identify and purchase items that have fallen below your required stock levels.   
  • - Track components or sub-assemblies of items.   
  • - Buy and sell in different units - purchase by the case, sell individually.   

Manage your contact information interactions

  • - Store default sales and purchase settings for each customer and each supplier - save time whenever you enter a transaction.   
  • - Record details of your phone calls and correspondence and set recontact dates so you follow up.   
  • - Print mailing labels or print directly onto envelopes.   
  • - Give identification numbers to each contact, a great feature for businesses or clubs.   
  • - Get complete transaction history listings for each contact.   

AccountEdge Pro can record everything you need to know about your contacts:  

  • - Up to five addresses per contact  and phone numbers and email addresses for each address.   
  • - Personalised letters for customer-focused marketing  and communication. AccountEdge Pro Accounting seamlessly connects to Microsoft Office so you can communicate more efficiently with your contacts.  
  • - Fast access to your contact details and financial information in Microsoft Office XP and 2003 without opening your AccountEdge Pro company file.   

AccountEdge Pro Feature Summary

  • - General Ledger
  • - Cashbook
  • - Bank Reconciliation
  • - Sales/Purchases
  • - Debtors/Creditors
  • - Receivables/Payables
  • - Inventory Management
  • - Multi Locations
  • - Print Invoice, Cheque, etc
  • - Supports GST/VAT/NBT and other local taxes
  • - Recurring Transaction
  • - Import/Export to MS Office
  • - Project and Job Management
  • - Email direct from AccountEdge Pro
  • - Serial Number Tracking
  • - Warranty Tracking
  • - Commission Tracking
  • - Product Variations
  • - Print Over 200 Reports
  • - Mileage Tracker
  • - Multi-Currency
  • - Multi-User
  • - And much more...